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Website/programming help
  Jun, Jun 05 2012


I've just graduated and i'm looking to make a website for a business i have in mind, tho i graduated in economics.
So basically i know nothing about programming php or html.
What i want is a site where people can login with their account, post content and that other people can see that content.
I'm willing to pay for the hosting etc etc but preferably not for a programmer i'd prefer to make it myself.
There are some sites like Wix but they dont allow you to upload content and create profiles

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No guarantees on PS
  Jun, Dec 31 2011

Why are there no guarantee tournaments today on PS?

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Stars and Skrill, WTF?
  Jun, Dec 30 2011

It has been a while since i withdrew, and actually since i've played because my exams are coming up. This week i got 2nd in the big 11 for 6500. Since i dont plan on playing due to exams, and after that my internship (all together 7 months) I withdrew most of it. So i get this mail from stars security saying i got to scan in my id, drivers license and a copy of a bill. No problem, I do this. I transfer this money to Moneybookers. I get a mail from them saying they will send me a letter to confirm my emailadres. Now all of the sudden i get another mail from moneybookers, in addition to the letter theyve sent me, i got to send my id, drivers license and a bill again.

What is this bullcrap? Anyone had this b4? I have withdrew some money before on MB, not that much but I remember when I played on Fulltilt i cashed out 9.5K once thru moneybookers(other account) and i didnt have to do all of this crap.

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